A House, an Apartment, you Make it up!

A House, an Apartment, you Make it up!

And if we assumed that everything could coexist, furniture, objects, colours, eras, even if they were not meant to meet?

The important thing is to create an atmosphere with things that gradually find their place next to each other. Improvisation allows us to give a new spirit to furniture and objects which follow us from generation to generation, from apartment to apartment.

Time passes and lightens the hues, washes out the wood, wears away the stone! But this hardly matters when a lick of bright colour gives a room a vibrant new glow, delighting the eye with its unexpectedness.

Modernity is marked by travel, movement and exoticism. A Mongolian piece of furniture, a tribe of animals in all sizes and materials, two Chinese vases framing an African jar, an Italian sofa enlivened by a lacquered concubine chair.

Suggestion. The console in all its states.

Simple, with laths or double top, lacquered, in natural wood, refined or ornamental, disproportionately long or narrow, the console is an essential piece of complementary furniture.

Both useful and decorative, it animates a wall like no other piece of furniture.

In the dining room, it becomes a space-saving sideboard. Behind a sofa, it subtly delimits two living spaces. Being unobtrusive, it is ideal in an entrance hall, as a computer desk or make-up table. In its low version, it becomes a practical and original TV cabinet with drawers and shelves. In a kitchen, it is both decorative and useful, bringing comfort and warmth.

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