Our commitments and our services

Quality and service are essential elements of our business. We offer you free interior design advice. Thirty years of experience and know-how.

Our commitments

We assure you efficiency and availability, and guarantee to sell original products, knowing their hand-crafted value as well as the quality of their materials.

Over the past thirty years, we have been ensuring the excellence of our reputation.

Efficiency, serenity, availability


We have chosen to work without intermediaries to be as close as possible to our customers. This way we are in control of the entire process, from the selection of furniture or the decoration items to their shipping.


As we take great care of the restoration, and also of the transport, you will not have to worry about anything. Each single furniture is restored in China, before being sent to Luxembourg, where it will be unpacked and rechecked upon shipping or delivery to your home-address.


Our sales team is responsible both for the store and for on-line orders to ensure a good human attention/relationship wherever you are.
Everyone in the team knows all the product range we have in the store and the warehouses. The staff is also aware of every single item which has been sold, so that you will not have to worry about when buying in the store or on-line.


We pride ourselves on providing items that are truly unique, thought and designed to combine art and functionality and we are more than happy to tell you about their history as well as about the age, origin, specificity and cultural value.

Quality of craftsmanship and materials

Our antiques are sold with a certificate of authenticity and referenced as "antiques". Other items are hand-made replicas
All our decorative objects are individually hand-crafted, while preserving the natural materials used to enhance their genuine and original character.


Every day, we involve ourselves to ensure your satisfaction. We have known some of you here, in Luxembourg or elsewhere, for more than thirty years – sometimes over two generations.

Our reputation, competence and services are second to none and we take deeply care that nothing will ever tarnish them.

Our services

Our restoration workshop in Luxembourg

Would you like to adapt the furniture you have chosen to your specific needs ?
Our restorers will take great pride in preserving patinas and assemblies, while preserving the natural antique qualities of the items and meeting your requirements.

As experienced professionals, they will advise you as to the interior layout of the furniture you have chosen, in order to adapt it to your needs.

They often move drawers, move or add a shelf, or ensure the legs or base are level.
They also check that doors, drawers and hinges are all properly adjusted before delivery.

Customized Decorating Tips

If you want to be advised, we offer free interior design advice.

Do you feel like giving a zen or bohemian chic touch, spiced up with a little ethnic hint, to your home ?

We suggest you to send us plans or photos of your home, and tell us a little bit more about your wishes and tastes, as well as your budget.

Our interior consultants will be pleased to help and send you ideas and proposals, as well as photos.

Do you live in Luxembourg? We will be pleased to advise you, at your home-place!

Original wedding lists

Do you wish a touch of exception, a bit of exoticism?

You want your home or apartment to reflect your tastes, your personality?

Our team will help you with pleasure, to draw up a list of some furniture or decorative objects, which will make it zen, original, unique!