• Decor-ideas between Asia and West

    Decor-ideas between Asia and West

    Pretty trunks, with multiple and unexpected uses, consoles at the size of our entrances... Accumulation or sobriety, the Chinese style revisited, dusted is a must to bring a small personal touch to our contemporary interiors.

  • Our store : furniture & chinese objects

    Our store : furniture & chinese objects

    Specialists in unique pieces and craftsmanship, we offer, for over thirty years, an amazing collection of furniture and decorative objects, selected piece by piece, in search of the authentic.

  • Our warehouses

    Our warehouses

    We particularly advise you to visit the one located 76, route de Thionville, in Luxembourg, which has a car park. On two levels, are stored furniture but also porcelain as well as a multitude of small decorative objects. A change of scenery is guaranteed!

  • Trips souvenirs to China

    Trips souvenirs to China

    China, Nepal, Tibet, Mongolia, with us as if you were there...