• Chronology of chinese dynasties

    Chronology of chinese dynasties

    The term Imperial China means the period during which China was ruled by a ruler, bearing the title of emperor.
    It begins in fact around 221 BC. J-C and will last until the twentieth century

  • Han dynasty & arts

    Han dynasty & arts

    The name Han was derived from the Han dynasty, which succeeded the short-lived Qin dynasty, and is historically considered to be the first golden age of China's Imperial era due to the power and influence it projected over much of East Asia. During succeeding centuries, the growing sophistication of Chinese art was accompanied by demands for more-intensive political organization and for more-regular administration.

  • Sui and Tang dynasties & Arts

    Sui and Tang dynasties & Arts

    The ephemeral dynasty of the Sui, then that of the Tang, brought, at the price of decisive reforms, a period of prosperity and unparalleled artistic and cultural influence.

  • Imperial Dynasties. Ming-China

    Imperial Dynasties. Ming-China

    The Ming Dynasty was renowned for its artistic, architectural and cultural contributions, as well as for its elegant and excellent furniture, which was enjoying a real golden age.